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Ez Rapid Mail SMTP email service is designed to make your communication fast, secure, and easy. With a sleek user interface and advanced features, you can manage your inbox, schedule appointments, and stay connected with your contacts.

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Audience Targeting & Segmentation

Dividing a target market into smaller groups with similar characteristics, and tailoring marketing messages to each group to increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

Personalized Messages

Tailored to the individual recipient, taking into account their characteristics, interests, and behavior. Improve the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by delivering messages that are more likely to resonate with each individual.

Audience Stats Report

Provides information and data on the characteristics and behaviors of a target audience. The report is generated using data collected from various sources, such as surveys, website analytics, and customer databases, and provides insights into the demographics, interests, behaviors, and preferences of the target audience.

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Pick target audience based on the statistics


Send E-mail


Enjoy the growth!

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